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Tybcom sem 6 export marketing, april 2019, mumbai university question paper tybcom sem v, direct tax, nov 2016 question paper solution, university of mumbai video of mumbai university income tax paper of nov 2016. Revenue received from central excise about 2 lac crores stands in second rank after income tax. Indirect taxes goods and services tax act tybcom semester vi. The intermediary later files a tax return and forwards the tax proceeds to government with the return. Conversely, in the case of an indirect tax, the taxpayer, shifts the burden on the consumer of goods and services and that is why the incidence falls on different persons. An indirect tax such as sales tax, per unit tax, value added tax vat, or goods and services tax gst, excise, tariff is a tax collected by an intermediary such as a retail store from the person who bears the ultimate economic burden of the tax such as the consumer. The university of mumbai semester 6 tybcom previous year question papers to prepare for the exams as practicing previous year question papers will. A little about me it is necessary for understanding my point of view for selection of the faculty. Indirect tax is so called as it is paid indirectly by the final consumer of goods and services while paying for. Difference between direct and indirect taxes with examples. Taxation or bachelor of commerce in taxation is an undergraduate accounts course. It is 3 years under graduation course that provides you wide career opportunities in accounts, commerce, management fields.

Indirect taxes can be changed more easily than direct taxes this gives policymakers more flexibility. Welcome to indirect tax in 2015, our latest annual roundup of developments in valueadded tax vat, goods and services tax gst, consumption taxes, excise duties, customs duties and other indirect taxes around the world. Some commentators have argued that a direct tax is one that cannot be shifted by the taxpayer to someone else, whereas an indirect tax can be. They are paid to the tax authorities, not by the consumer, but indirectly by the suppliers of the goods or services. The difference between direct tax and indirect tax. Indirect taxes indirect taxes are the charges levied by the state on consumption, expenditure, privilege, or right but not on income or property. People are talking about direct tax material when the question is of indirect tax 2.

Get last year question paper for semester 6 tybcom and solved answers for. In this sense, a tax on the sale of property would be considered an indirect tax while the tax actually owed on the property would be direct. Chapter 6 direct and indirect taxes a tax may be defined as a pecuniary burden laid upon individuals or property owners to support the government, a payment exacted by legislative authority. What is direct and indirect tax goods service tax tutorial. Affiliated to university of mumbai syllabus for the t. Learn indirect tax gst mumbai university sem 6 tybcom. A tax is not a voluntary payment or donation, but an enforced contribution, exacted pursuant to legislative authority. Indirect taxes india pdf download economics free study. Finapp, university of mysore, tybcom sem 5 direct amp indirect tax mcq with ans tybcom, indirect tax in 2014 ey united states, indirect tax wikipedia, b com notes videos all bcom regular subjects app, syllabus m com part ii accountancy group paper v related, tybcom sem 6 indirect taxes mvat introduction, class b com iii sem taxation, vi. A direct tax is one that cannot be shifted by the taxpayer to someone else. The eventual burden of the tax falls on to consumers who buy goods and services from the intermediary, as the intermediary applies indirect taxes on the product in the form of value. I have seen all the answers but then also i feel like an answer because of 1.

Income tax is a direct tax while value added tax vat is an indirect tax. Payer of tax not sufferer of tax whereas sufferer of tax is not paying directly to the government i. This subject is applicable to any commerce students who are pursuing graduation or any of the professional courses like chartered accountancy, cost and management accountancy, company secretary course or any other commerce related course. Direct taxes are taxes on income, profits and wealth, paid directly by the bearer to the tax authorities. All information on book direct taxes t y b com semester v mumbai university book by dr. There are different implications of direct and indirect taxes on the country.

The sum of both the direct and indirect taxes came up to an impressive rs. I can tell you that at present there are two type of direct taxes 1. Come, lets take a read of the article, which gives you a clear understanding of the difference between a direct tax and. Wealth tax gift tax is also a direct tax but it is not applicable at present. Classify the tax or fee by clicking direct or indirect. Tybcom sem 6 indirect taxes mvat introduction youtube. Difference between direct taxes and indirect taxes illustrative list. Books of accounts to be maintained for farm accounting. The publisher of the book is taxmann publications pvt. Direct taxes are collected by the central government as well as state governments according to the type of tax levied. Differences between direct and indirect taxes of india. These direct taxes are based on simple ownership or existence. Tybcom syllabus of mumbai university for academic year 2018 2019 has been announced by mumbai university. The book direct taxes t y b com semester v mumbai university book by dr.

Direct and indirect taxation applied component group 20172018 mar. In the case of a direct tax, the taxpayer is the person who bears the burden of it. Best regards, gijsbert bulk global indirect tax indirect tax in 2015 3. The most fundamental classification of taxes is based on who collects the taxes from the tax payer. The course covers the study of principles of accounting, financial planning and economic theory along with a specialized focus on taxation which is termed as a process of imposing financial charge tax on the citizens who earn taxable income. Excise duties on fuel, liquor, and cigarette taxes are all considered examples of indirect taxes. It is a tax applied on individuals and organizations directly by the government e. The syllabus is restricted to study of particular sections, specifically mentioned.

By law, taxpayers must file an income tax return annually to determine their tax obligations. I was in lot of dilemma before selecting the faculty for indirect taxation. Answers are vague as per my knowledge if you are doing self study the best book is v. This scheme has been introduced to make shift in indian economy to reduce fall of tax duties in the market. The university of mumbai semester 5 tybcom previous year question papers to prepare for the exams as practicing previous year question papers will. Direct taxes t y b com semester v mumbai university book by dr. Rate of duties are not differ from person to person.

Indirect taxes are imposed upon a broad range of abstract ideas, including rights, privileges, and activities. In this direct tax mumbai university sem 5 tybcom subject, we cover the below topics. Revenue collection driven by the government within the period of april to october witnessed mopup of indirect tax at a whopping 26. Indirect taxation is policy commonly used to generate tax revenue. Find auditing and cost accounting 6 examination papers. Indirect taxmop up risen, for the first fiscal half. All subject indirect taxes 45, anurag nagar, behind press complex, indore m. Commerce learning is engaged in distributing study material of tybcom course and more. Direct taxes are nontransferable taxes paid by the tax payer to the government and indirect taxes are transferable taxes where the liability to pay can be shifted to others. Vinod k singhania such as binding type, edition, weight, number of pages, availability can be found on the cakart book section, click on book image to see book detail. Export marketing 2 examination papers finance of foreign trade and foreign.

Direct taxes are paid in entirety by a taxpayer directly to the government. Direct taxes, as the name suggests, are taxes that are directly paid to the government by the taxpayer. You can check the latest availability by visiting cakart books. The basis of classifying taxes into direct and indirect taxes is who ultimately bears the burden of a tax. A direct tax is a kind of charge, which is imposed directly on the taxpayer and paid directly to the government by the persons juristic or natural on whom it is imposed. Customs duties levied on imports, excise duties on production, sales tax or value added tax vat at some stage in productiondistribution process, are examples of indirect taxes because. Learn direct tax mumbai university sem 5 tybcom with graduate guru, your online coaching classes with prices starting at rs. Com exams or students preparing for any subject of ca cs cma or other finance exam will find the file very useful. To understand the basic concept and definition of income tax act, 1961. To assess your answers, click the check my answers button at the bottom of the page. Com question papers with solutions of mumbai university of last 2 years. Download the tybcom syllabus from commerce learning and stay updated with latest news and updates about bcom course.

Revenue from indirect taxes can be uncertain particularly when inflation is low or there is a recession causing a fall in consumer spending. Fiscal policy analysing direct and indirect economics. The conventional book, fiction, history, novel, scientific research. Com and also question papers of last year for all subjects on my email id email protected 1st october 2012, 06. As there are many different types of indirect taxes levied on expense incurred by buyer, now government intends to merge all these forms of direct taxes and levy common indirect tax by name of gst. Latest university of mumbai semester 6 tybcom syllabus 2. Syllabus restricted to study of specified sections, specifically. Chapter v of the financeact, 1994 provides for taxation of services.

By contrast, income tax is the clearest example of a. Rate of taxes are different from person to person 3. Subjects related to applicable statutes shall be read with. Accountancy, cost account, statistics, economics, and law are the main subjects. Income taxes are a source of revenue for governments. Indirect taxes india pdf download economics indirect tax is a type of tax collected by the government from an intermediary such as manufacturer or retailer. When i liability to pay a tax and ii the burden of that tax falls on the same person, the tax is called a direct tax. It is also defined as the tax where the liability as well as the burden to pay it resides on the same individual. Who is the best teacher for ca final indirect tax who. Indirect tax bcom sixth sem notes is available for download at the excellent download file is in the format of pdf. Difference between direct tax and indirect tax with. Taxation is a degree program in which, apart from a general course study in commerce, the primary focus is on the systematic study of the concepts in the specialized subjects and topics related to the fields of taxation and covers all types of taxes including income tax, sales tax, vat. Important question paper with answers computer it tybcom 6 semester how write ans questions paper with explaination part 1. Penalty and prosecutions basic conditions of excise duty liability.

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