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It is choking waterways along australias east coast. Milton roy europe 10 grande rue 27360 pontsaintpierre france tel. Information sheet series u electronic metering pumps the first electronic metering pumps designed specifically for the water conditioning industry. Manual bomba dosificadora milton roy serie roytronic. Manual bombas dosificadoras 33900470001 pump scribd. This popular lmi pump drive has knobs for stroke length and frequency.

However, it was a society quite devoid of humanistic leggerezza lightness. Precios mas iva, libre abordo exworks monterrey mexico. Liquid end control code 1 110120v us plug 2 220240v us plug 3 220240v din plug 5 220240v uk plug 6 220240v austnz plug 7 220240v swiss plug. Baixe no formato pdf, txt ou leia online no scribd. Manual bomba dosificadora milton roy serie lmi p1 bomba. This family of mechanically actuated diaphragm metering pumps is designed for. Manual bombas dosificadoras 33900470001 free download as pdf file. Bomba dosificadora, bombas dosificadoras milton roy. Series gallons per hour min max liters per hour min max mlcc per minute min max mlcc per stroke min max maximum injection pressur e c10, c70, c90 0. To find your local representative, visit our website. These pumps were supposedly obsolete, but we can still build most of them. This family of mechanically actuated diaphragm metering pumps is designed. Rubber parts such as semiflexible couplings must be protected from sunlight and sudden temperature changes.

Milton roy company 201 ivyland road ivyland, pa 189740577 ph. Dosing pump primeroyal diaphragm liquid end this manual should be made available to the person responsible for installation, operating and maintenance. Back pressureantisyphon valve if you are pumping downhill or into low or no pressure system, a back pressureantisyphon device such as lmis four. Bombas dosificadoras milton roy serie u carbotecnia.

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