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The dynamic flex offense with video basketball continuity offense. Dematha does not use a wingentry pass to get into flex, presumably because an upscreen would get 5 away from the basket. Welcome to another installment of chalk dust xs and os. The flex offense is a great 4out 1in continuity offense primarily using down screens and the flex cut to get open shots. Flex offense basic motion diagrams a e in diagram a, o1 passes to o2, across the split line while o3 makes the flex cut off o5s screen. This is the simplest and most common flex entry used by gonzaga. I was asked in a thread yesterday to do a post on this offense here in rnfl. Tubby smith 30 series run flex as a secondary break, with 18 to 21 foot spacing outside the arc. What separates it from the motion offense in many respects is that a coach will design set plays, or use one of the standard flex sets to run this offense. The coach who ran it with most success and is known as the father of the flex was carrol williams while he was head coach of santa clara university. The flex offense was designed to attack man to man defenses.

Since its invent the flex offense has become widely popular among high school and junior high programs for its controlled motions. Similar to the motion offense, the flex offense uses a lot of movement by the players and screens to create open holes for lanes to the basket. Field goal fourpoint play free throw hook shot moves pick and roll positions posterized playbook rebound point screen back screen. Flex offense the high flex delay offense you can use the flex offense as a delayspread offense. The diagrams here give you an idea of the concept, but you can put in many more options. This play, a staple of the san antonio spurs offense for years, has become a pet play of nick nurses to start the game or half. He came up with one great set of notes on the gary williams flex offense and. The academy empowers you to execute the triple option offense the right way the first time. The flex requires good offensive spacing and good timing between the passes, picks, and cuts.

Flex screen any time the ball changes sides of the floor. This article and animation discuss basketballs flex offense. Lou cella installs army and navys modernday flexbone triple option offense with you and your staff. The ease of the instruction makes this a great offense to teach at any level. Dematha flex offense jacob collins team sports ball games. It starts out just like every other flex offense, like the gonzaga, boston college, or maryland. Cella has empowered hundreds of coaches and football programs with the triple option offense.

These drills emphasize triple threat position, simulate getting into the offense from different spots on the floor, work on backdoor cuts, get players to hit the open man and work on finishing at. I like the flex offense a lot and ive used it in a few different situations in the past. Flex offense basketball continuity offenses hoops u. Gym, fitness, and bodybuilding workout routines, training programs, and exercise video tutorials from the top fitness models, athletes and pros.

Mike jones 1 plays close to the laneline extended, off the sideline, its the same for 4, who is in the scoring area. If the zags enter to the left side, the post man 5 will down screen for the offguard 2 and pop out to the corner to clear out. Click on the pdf link to download the basketball coaching clinic. Heres how you can initiate the flex offense from the box set. The power forward 4 will screen for the small forward 3, who will make a curl cut into the. Depending on how the defence is playing, o3 can cut either over ballside or under baseline side the screen. Tom davis and his modified flex offense that he used at boston college, iowa, and drake university. There are certainly other options that can be utilized though these are the basics. It is a simple play that will get you started with the flex and can also open up the floor for the players to an easy shot. As a result, most coaches that run flex use a different offense when facing zones. Continuity flex screen on a pass from 2 to 4, 2 clears the top. As the season went on, the offense went from being called a middle school offense to a source of pride for the team and the community. With the constant passing, cutting, flex screens, and screen the screener.

The flex offense is an offensive strategy in basketball invented in 1967 by rene herrerias. Why army and navy run the tripleoption flexbone offense new, 5 comments this rivalry is the years biggest showcase for a different kind of spreadtorun football offense. Created in the 1970s the flex offense was established to take advantage of scoring opportunities cutting through the key flex cut and a series of screen the screener actions used to get open jump shots. For example, using a 2on2 break down drill, he demonstrates proper techniques on setting and executing the flex screen. At this point, players have established the base flexoffense positions. Individual attempting to bring a law suit against me has these classifications on his public record. The princeton offense is an offensive basketball strategy which emphasizes constant motion, backdoor cuts, picks on and off the ball, and disciplined teamwork.

Using oncourt demonstrations, he breaks down offensive strategies into easytofollow steps for. This entry was posted in flex offense, the flex and tagged basketball flex offense, coaching basketball on october 20, 2014 by admin. Flex offense complete coaching guide basketball for coaches. Always look for ball reversal, the baseline cut is the basic cut. Basketball offense flex offense, coachs clipboard basketball.

This article outlines 3 flex offense entries from the 14 high offensive set. It was utilized to bring uclas star center, lew alcindor a. The hybrid flex offense with don kelbick this dvd set includes the basic flex pattern, how to introduce hybrid options and motion counters, how to teach the flex, 8 alternate entries to disguise and initiate the flex offense, how to handle all defensive situations such as pressure and switching, 5 highly effective scoring options out of the flex offense, and flex drills to develop the offense. It was used and perfected at princeton university by pete carril, though its roots may be traced back to franklin cappy cappon, who coached princeton in the late 1930s and bernard red sarachek, who coached at yeshiva university. Flex bone offense free download as powerpoint presentation. The flex offense is an offensive strategy in basketball invented in 1967 by rene herrerias while coaching at calberkeley. Running these alternate flex entries from the 14 set creates favorable spacing versus defenses that may be clogging the lane against your traditional flex spacing. Most appropriate age ranges high school, college or above.

As with any guardtoguard pass in the flex offense, this initiates a screen and flex cut. Espns fran fraschilla explains why teams from the acc to the wcc are flexing their offenses. Basketball dvd comprehensive guide to the flex offense. Shooting drills that will prepare players for the flex offense. There are two lines, with the first two turns each having a ball, the players pass the balls to the trainerscoaches. The option oriented ground attack is almost as old as the game of football itself, initially sprouting its wings under the vaunted single wing attack before moving onto such formations as the power t, split t, and wishbone then modern day formations with the flexbone, staggered bone. Coach jones presents this offense in a wholepartwhole method. James gels, from the coachs clipboard basketball playbook.

David preheim put together an awesome set of basketball coaching clinic notes on the flex offense for you. The flex offense is a basketball offense that was run by maryland and boston college in the 2000s. With the flex offense, you will have great spacing, player movement, and ball movement. Bodybuilding, fitness and gym training, footwear, shoes, fashion, entertainment, lifestyle and motivation.

Shooting drills that enhance your flex offense fastmodel. The flex offense diagrammed here is the basic flex offense. Coach david preheim shows us the gary williams flex offense maryland basketball. Why army and navy run the tripleoption flexbone offense. A lot of guys can draw the schemes up on the board or give you a list of rules, but where most people fall short is teaching you how to coach it on a daily basis and make adjustments to counter what the defense is doing to stop you. Shifting from defense to offense 2010 a nnua l r eport. It is a patterned offense relying on cuts across the key called a flex cut and down screens to create a. Even though flex is designed for man defenses, some coaches have success using the flex against zone by. Dematha flex offense jacob collins free download as pdf file. Gonzaga flex here is an example of the 122 entry that gonzaga has used in the past to get into its flex offense. When a guard to guard pass is made, the player on the low block sets a flex. The obvious disadvantage to this approach is that you now have two separate offenses to teach. Skinner played at umass in the early 70s and then went on to play in the aba and nba.

Williams assistant coach, dan fitzgerald, brought the offense north to spokane when he became head coach at gonzaga. The key to the flex is teaching proper screening and movement off the ball. The flex offense is probably one of the most popular offensive sets used in basketball today. Coach preheim is doing a great job drawing up some of the nations best basketball teams and sharing them with us. Ive helped coaches from around the country to successfully install this offense. Microsoft powerpoint flexbone playbook 2 readonly author. During 2010, sunstone renovated the lobby space at the renaissance long beach, including the gastrobar concept sip, which transformed the lobby and restaurant. I think that you enjoy these detail set of basketball notes on his flex offense.

Gary williams university of maryland basketball flex. Skinner is currently the head coach at kennesaw state after serving as an assistant at bryant the past two seasons. The actions of the flex offense are broken down into seven drills to help install and reinforce the actions of the offense. Just bring the whole offense up higher, to the freethrow line extended. They are 4 around 1, and the post sets a flex screen for the guard who flex cuts towards the ball, this is where the dematha flex differs from others, instead of a downscreen, they set upscreens.

I am not here trying to make a case for the offense, or to say it should be used in the pros, what are the pros and cons, say how viable it is, how is it an equalizer offense, how it is. Mike jones, head basketball coach at perennial powerhouse dematha catholic high school, puts a unique spin on the popular and effective flex offense. The attractive aspect of the 14 high flex is the baseline and paint being generally clear. It may not be as dynamic as the ddm, but i think the flex is a structured offense that will get good shot opportunities. Prior to 2014 the flexbone association camp experience consisted of 12 hours of on the field instruction and up to three hours of classroom instruction with your. Here are some flex offense notes from former boston college head coach al skinner.

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